Air Valve Mounting Machine

Air Valve Mounting Machine

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1.Ideal for coffee bags using.

2.Fix sealing temperature, controlled by EGO.

3.Easy to operate.

4.Enhance the value of bags.

5.Can choose air holes from 1 to 6 on the air valve.

   Need to prepare an extra air compressor.

6.Please provide the air valve for making air valve seat and testing.

Model  AA-02 AA-03
Voltage 110/220/240V 110/220/240V
Power (Watt.) 75 W *2  
Mounting Timer 0.5-6 sec. 0.5-6 sec.
Warm up Time 10 min. 10 min
Max. Temperature 250℃ 250℃
Dimension 27*25*45 cm 48.5*26.5*45 cm
Weight 11.5 kgs 15kgs