Wu-Hsing Vacuum Sealer Minimizes Packaging Space and Maximizes Packaging Flexibility.

Wu-Hsing Electronics Co., Ltd improves Vacuum Sealer performance and efficiency, successfully fights a way out of the market flooded with cheap models.

Since 1991, Wu-Hsing Electronics Co., Ltd. has been manufacturing numerous different packaging and sealing machines. In 2002, the company successfully announced Nozzle-Type Vacuum Sealer into the local market, and then just the next year, a new type of Non-Nozzle Type Mini Vacuum Sealer was introduced to the market. Few years later, Wu-Hsing sealers have built up its brand name and reputation among international market. Till today, Wu-Hsing is still continually improving their Vacuum Sealers in order to fulfill different global buyer’s requirements.

Non Nozzle Type Mini Vacuum Sealer

Tabletop Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer (Pneumatically), a medium duty vacuum sealer with a High-flow stainless steel retractable nozzle, is a great help for prolonging the shelf life of packaged foods and reducing the overall volume of the package. Not only Tabletop vacuum sealer comes with the functions of vacuuming and sealing at the same time, but also its metal construction and electrostatic painted cover prove itself a truly combination of durability and beauty. 

It’s easy to set up using only compressed air (6-7 kgs/cm2) and a standard (15AMP) electrical outlet, and it accommodates all popular moisture-barrier bag materials. Besides, Tabletop Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealing Machine is also equipped with two sealing bars (top and bottom) for better heat penetration when sealing thicker materials.  Furthermore, this sealer adopts Non-oil filling Italian pump and emergency stop. The most worth mentioned is its controller, embedding 20 programs inside, providing user the various flushing and count functions for choice.

Non Nozzle Type Mini Vacuum Sealer is another famous product made by Wu-Hsing Electronics Co., Ltd. This Non Nozzle Type Vacuum Sealer is made of stainless steel and has a Teflon bar for sealing bags up to 300~400mm. Ideal for Channelled (embossed) and gusset Vacuum bag. Compare to Tabletop Nozzle Type vacuum sealer, Non Nozzle Type Mini Vacuum Sealers equips with one more piston vacuum pumps and one Fan-cooled motor; which means it has better vacuuming and sealing performance (easily preserve foods for 5-6 times longer than traditional packaging methods).

In addition, This Non Nozzle Type Mini Vacuum Sealer equipped a see-thru acrylic vacuum lid (clear cover) for user to observe the packaging process. Moreover, there is a LED light on the machine shows the present status of sealing. It’s very convenient and easy to operate the sealer.

Wu-Hsing Electronics Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan based professional manufacturer and supplier of sealing and vacuum machinery. Keep the traditional industries in Taiwan and leave a good economics environment for the descendants are the goals and ideals for Wu-Hsing.  “Don’t buy too many products from China, otherwise, Taiwanese workers will loss their working right.” says Daisy Ku, Sales Manager of Wu-Hsing. “Made in Taiwan will disappear soon. The businessmen must think about this- Taiwan made only, then our descendants will have a bright future.” Her words of sincerity and affection describe the present situation of packaging industrial market.

Wu-Hsing constantly designs and manufactures sealing and vacuum machinery; the products they develops includePlastic bag sealer machine, Vacuum sealer, Vacuum sealer machine, Hand heat sealer, Auto/Foot switch control impulse sealer, Foot type constant heat sealer, Plastic bag heat sealer, Heat sealer for bag,…etc. The company is striving for providing global customers the excellent quality machines through continuous development of their own technologies. Not only Wu-Hsing passes ISO900:12000 but also obtains many patents for their sealing and packaging machines. Wu-Hsing also welcomes new recruits to join their global distribution line in order to provide better and faster service for customers worldwide. We can say that the insist of offering customers the top quality, competitive price, timely delivery and the best service makes the company the most preferred one in the packaging industry.